Want to know more about the purchase, shipping and delivery of typical products of taste-sano.it? Read the frequently asked questions we have prepared for you.

Can I still pay with a credit card?

Sure. Our transactions are guaranteed by a secure server that adopts the SSL (Secure Socket Layer) protection system of a large bank such as UNICREDIT: therefore, the information you transmit remains confidential and invisible to third parties.

What do I do if a package arrives with incorrect or broken products?

Any external damage or non-correspondence of the number of packages or indications must be immediately notified to the courier, who will report the error on the accompanying document. Any damages or anomalies not visible immediately must be reported by e-mail to the address info@gusto-sano.it or to the number 080 314 2713

Can packages be sent abroad?

No: gusto-sano.it does not accept orders with delivery all over the world. However, we reserve the right to examine each individual case, depending on the legislation of the country for which the products are intended.

Can products be sold out or undergoing?

In particular circumstances, gusto-sano.it may not be able to ensure the availability of all products. Therefore, if you want to order products that are out of stock or being exhausted, send an email to info@gusto-sano.it: the company will take care of the request, verifying the availability of the products.

What happens if the courier does not find anyone at the time of delivery?

The courier makes the first delivery without notice. In case of absence of the customer, the courier retries the delivery within two working days. If the absence continues, the home delivery will be canceled and the products will remain available at the courier’s premises for 5 days.

Is there a minimum charge to order? How can I check the status of the order?

There is no minimum charge to order. After placing your order, you will be sent a summary email with all the references and useful data. You can check the status of your order by accessing the site with the username and password chosen at the time of the first registration.